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Telford Christian Council

The Telford Christian Council is a coming together of Christian Churches in and around Telford.

Respecting each other, acknowledging our diversity and rejoicing in our common faith in the crucified and risen Lord Jesus we seek to discover God at work in the world and to share in his work.

Telford Christian Council listens to our changing society and, through dialogue, we hope to engage with it.

The aim of Telford Christian Council is to:-

  • assist churches together to celebrate and proclaim the good news of God
    as revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • challenge and enable member churches to be effective signs of unity
    to the wider church and community.
  • encourage and work for reconciliation, healing and wholeness
    for individuals and communities.


I’m at risk of homelessness and need some help. How can I contact Stay?


Stay, our housing and homelessness charity, can be found on twitter at @staytelford. It has a facebook page at

Their website is at

Please give them a call on 01952 291 904.

Where can I find Telford Christian Council on Facebook or Twitter?


The Ecumenical Dean of Telford, Rev'd Andy Smith, actively engages on twitter and can be found at @telfordcc.

Our facebook page can be found at

We're also on Flickr and Pinterest. Feel free to add your pins and photos to these sites.

Our friends at Stay are also on twitter @staytelford and on facebook at

Telford Workplace Chaplaincy tweets from @telfordwchap.

RAFT has a facebook page and Patrick Devine handles the RAFT twitter account @rightstelford.

The Telford Street Pastors can be found on twitter at @telfordstreetps and their facebook page can be found at

I’m new to Telford. Where can I find my local church?


We've put together a map of local churches around Telford & Wrekin to help you find the nearest one.

You could also browse through the Telford Christian Council Directory or give us a call and we'll be delighted to help on 01952 291 904.

How can I get involved?


There are so many ways that you could help.

From fundraising to volunteering; youth development to church planting; maybe you have a skillset that would benefit one of our projects; maybe you could help the Street Pastors or maybe you want to get involved with the Community Forum and help shape the future of Telford & Wrekin?

An ideal voluntary job for people who are retired or who work part-time is to join the Chaplaincy Team who need more volunteers.

Please give us a call on 01952 291 904.
We're delighted you asked!